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BOSCH GWS 8-100 CE ម៉ូទ័រឆាប 850 វ៉ាត់

Product Description
Items Included Additional handles 1 602 025 024 Supporting flanges 2 605 703 030 Locking nuts 2 603 340 018 Protective caps 1 619 P06 546 Two-hole spanner 1 607 950 040 Tool features Why use this tool? Spindle lock for easy replacement of the grinding stone. The grinding head is flat so that it reaches a narrow area. The grinding head can be rotated in stages of 90 °. Protective coated rolls so the motor is safer from sharp dust for a long life. Protective cover is resistant to impact - easy to adjust, provides reliable protection carbon with a breaker system The handle can be used on the left or right Technical data Overview specifications Measured input power 850 W No-load speed 2800 - 11000 rpm M10 spindle screw Grinding diameter 100 mm grinding stone Rubber bearing, diameter 100 mm Round wire brush, diameter 70 mm Weight 1.8 kg Attention! prices can change. We will try to update the product description price as soon as possible in the photo if you have questions, please comment response (reply) generally at 9.15AM WIB-9.30PM WIB outside of these hours we will try to reply.

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