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About Home-Fix

Homefix Cambodia

Home-Fix is being a mere retailer of DIY products, and towards becoming a fully-fledged lifestyle brand synonymous with a home-centric, home-loving and house-proud lifestyle. In acknowledgement of the fact that not all consumers have the time and the inclination to DIY, and in line with the aim of becoming a total home improvement solutions provider, Home-Fix has recently introduced a suite of ‘DIFY’ – or ‘Doing-It-For-You’ – services. These include professional repair, replacement, installation, painting and handyman services. Home-Fix continues to search for new ways to harness technology for the improvement of its business operations. It also constantly implements and enforces good business practices aimed at presenting ‘old’ products and services in modern, innovative ways.



Meeting Customers Needs

With a view to constantly placing customers’ needs first, Home-Fix has thought out strategic locations in premium, well-patronised shopping locations all around the island. To ensure efficient service and a pleasant shopping experience, technology has been integrated into the business to enhance its operations, merchandise selection and store planning.

Acknowledging the fact that DIY and home improvement projects are no longer the sole domain of the trained carpenter or handyman, Home-Fix set out to understand the new generation of discerning consumers who not only want good, reliable products but also sound advice and guidance in improving their homes.


Trust and Loyalty

Trust and loyalty form the foundations of the Home-Fix business.

In view of the fact that people are its most valuable resource, Home-Fix has appointed a full-time team dedicated to the training and upgrading our services, including personnel who see Home-Fix not just as a job, but as a career.


The Product Mix

Home-Fix is renowned for carrying an extensive range of quality lifestyle and home improvement products at affordable prices. In fact, many of the international brands it carries are exclusive to Home-Fix. To maintain Home-Fix’s edge of exclusivity and differentiate it from other DIY retailers, a dedicated team trawls the globe in search of new brands and products to delight, surprise and mobilise Cambodian home owners. It gives customers even more reasons to step inside a Home-Fix store, even when they don’t ‘need’ a thing. As they say, there’s always room for improvement!

This exciting and ever-increasing line up of products is backed by well-trained staff members who are able to confidently advise customers on product selection and usage.

Looking Forward

The future of Home-Fix looks bright as it gears up to meet and anticipate the changing needs of its customers. Together with its employees, customers and suppliers, it has embarked on a bold new era of ambitious expansion throughout the country.

However, as Home-Fix evolves it remains faithful to its founding values of integrity and service excellence. With solid foundations, clear plans and a sense of solidarity from the brothers at the top down to the staff on the sales floor, there is no doubt that Home-Fix will become a ‘home away from home’ for home-loving, house-proud individuals.

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