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BOSCH GWS 6-100S ម៉ូទ័រឆាប ឬ កាត់ 710 វ៉ាត់

Salient features

  • Specially designed to prevent dust and moistureSuitable for working with stone
  • switches on / off durableProviding the highest service life for stone work
  • pipe and sheet metal cuttingOr steel beams
  • chamferingand preparing welds
  • removing flaps on metal eyebrows, metal beams and metal plates
  • surface finishing, welds, corners and edges
  • cutting concrete and stone materials
  • grinding and sanding in Concrete and stone materials

General features

  • The tool head is smooth for working in tight spaces.
  • The head of the tool can be rotated 90 ° at a time.
  • The motor is equipped with a dust protection system to help prevent sharp grinding chips.Increase the service life for longer
  • Flick protective cover - easily adjustable, protect with confidence
  • Carbon brush with cutting system
  • The handle can be adjusted on both the right and left side.
  • Safety switch
  • Suitable for locking SDS systems

Operating current


Power Consumption



GRINDER is used for grinding or polishing various surfaces.

  1. Diameter of rubber mat 100 mm.
  2. The diameter of the cup-shaped wire brush 70 mm.
  3. Grinding disc diameter 100 mm.

Caution in use

  1. Before use, must always check the availability of the machine before use.If the machine is damaged, it may be dangerous to the operator.
  2. The work piece must be held firmly and must be handled correctly.
  3. Clean every time after use, reducing the risk of damage from various devices.Cleaning in nook and cranny parts may cause the debris from working into the mechanism.
  4. Clean every time after use, reducing the risk of damage from various devices.
  5. Dress tightly and correctly according to safety rules.Wear safety glasses to prevent splinters spilling into your eyes.
  6. Study the process and how to use the drilling machine.And how to work correctly

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