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BOSCH GKS 235 ម៉ូទ័រជ្រៀកឈើ

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property Product details
generation GKS 235 (Turbo)
The brand Bosch
Width 47 cm
The length 29.2 cm
The height 22 cm
color Blue-Black
Unit of counting The machine

Salient features

  • High efficiency chip evacuation system Helps the skin to be clean
  • There is a vacuum system.
  • Blowing system helps clean sawed surfaces without dust
  • Operation lock button on both sides of the handle Can be used with both the left hand and right hand for ease of use.
  • Twin conductors for adjusting the saw angle Helps increase stability 

General features

Bosch circular saw GKS 235 (TURBO) The most powerful circular saw in comparison to similar tools Comes with a powerful 2050 watts motor for fast operation Strong For durability for all types of work The lifetime of the overload is 2 times longer than the current GKS 235 model.

Product details

  • Rated power input 2,050 W
  • No-load speed 5.300 rev / min
  • Weight 7.6 kg.
  • Saw blade hole diameter 25 mm.
  • Saw blade diameter 235 mm.
  • Cutting depth Depth of saw (90 °) 85 mm
  • Cutting depth (45 °) 65 mm 

Operating current


Power Consumption


Backup time (hrs.)


Impact rate at rated speed (times / minute)



It can be used for many tasks such as sawing, cutting, sawing, shearing, corner cutting, tapering and various types of dowel. Which will work flexibly

Caution in use

  1. When finished, should keep or clean.
  2. Do not use on the body and keep out of the reach of children. To prevent injury
  3. Study instruction manual And the power plug must not be plugged in Try to move and see the settings of the saw.
  4. The product is sharp. Please use carefully.
  5. Should wear protective equipment every time a puncture occurs, such as protective glasses Dust mask, leather gloves, soundproofing equipment To prevent the danger that may occur

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