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This PowerPac 4in1 Multi-Functional Food Blender PPBL775 is designed to chop, grate, slice and shred food. It also blends fruits and vegetables.

Placing the Chopping Blade unit on the Drive Shaft Cover, the PPBL775 can be used primarily as a Chopper, chopping ingredients like garlic, chillies and onions; and also as a Blender, blending together liquids, fresh ingredients, frozen fruits, yoghurt and ice-cream.

The Disc Holder fits 3 different blades: Grating Blade, Slicing Blade and Shredding Blade. Insert one of these 3 blades into the Disc Holder, and place the Disc Holder onto the Drive Shaft Cover. The PPBL775 can now be used to grate, slice or shred different food ingredients, cutting down food preparation time considerably.

The ON/OFF & Speed Rotary Knob has 2 speeds and a 'P(Pulse) function, which increases the power even further and can be used to clear blockages instantly!

Cleaning is simple and easy: Fill the Processing Bowl with warm water. Turn the ON/OFF & Speed Rotary Knob to 'P' for a few seconds to clean the Processing Bowl and Chopping Blade unit very quickly and safely before washing using detergent & water

The PowerPac 4in1 Multi-Functional Food Blender PPBL775 is a wonderfully useful device. It remains an energy efficient, safe and easy-to-use kitchen appliance which will make chopping, grating, slicing, shredding and blending food safe and convenient for everyone in the family.


  • Suitable for slicing, shredding, grating, chopping, and blending
  • 2 speeds selection + Pulse with 18000 RPM, Fast preparation with large feeding tube
  • Secure double lock system ensuring maximum safety, High powered safety motor with circuit breaker
  • Powerful 500W motor for effortless processing, Quick and easy assembly of all parts
  • Accessories included stainless steel blade and shredding attachment for slicing and grating
  • Power 500 watts, Voltage 220-240V, 50/60Hz, Capacity 1.2L, Safety mark 220316-24, packaging size 240x200x360mm

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