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  1. General Details

    Trying to get those bugs trapped high on your walls or ceilings? Put down your old fly swatter and pick up a PestZap. Fully extendable and bendable, the PestZap kills hard-to-reach mosquitos, wasps, flies, hornets, yellow jackets and other annoying flying insects on contact.

    The PestZap is battery operated and can fully extendable to over 3 feet in length. It has a telescopic head that bends in multiple directions for hard-to-reach areas. It has a safety switch that only works when the trigger button is on.

  2. Features
    • Easy Operation and lightweight
    • Kills or stuns insects on contact
    • Safety switch – Activates only when the button is pushed “ON”
    • Extendable handle up to 3 feet
    • Telescopic action for hard to reach areas
    • Operate using 2 x AA batteries
  3. How it works

    Open the battery cover on the lower portion of the handle and install 2 x AA batteries. Press the trigger button to test the LED light. This light indicates that the PestZap is charged. When the LED indicator no longer lights up, the batteries are low and need to be replaced.
    Spot the flying target, push in the trigger button and swing the PestZap at the insect. The insect will be zapped on contact and killed.

    Note: This device works when the button is depressed. After releasing the button, a small residual charge remains for a short period of time. The PestZap is ideal for mosquitos, flies, and other annoying flying insects.

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