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  1. Do you know that inhaling small quantities of air pollutions during a long period of time can also have very hazardous consequences on your health in the future.

    Introducing the AirVita Plug-in UV-C Air Sanitizer, the advance technology that is built into the Negative Ions Anion Air Cleaner allows it to emit negatively charge ions that are invisible to the naked eye. When polluted air moves throughout an enclosed room, the UV Vaccine using its UVC ray’s mutates the air borne bacteria and virus DNA, making further reproduction virtually obsolete. Keeps microorganisms to a control level and decreases their reproduction rate. The lower the concentration of microorganisms in a specific area the cleaner the air and the number of bacteria’s & virus’s are reduced too. It also has an LED night light with on/off switch  to assist you when you done want to keep a normal light on throughout the night.

    Think protecting your family, think of Air-Vita. 

  2. Features

    – Eco-Friendly
    – Built in fan to allow better airflow and efficient UV sterilization.
    – Portable with plug and play capability
    – Powerful UV-C Ray that safely yet effectively rids bacteria, viruses and molds in the air.

    Excellent for those that:
    – Wants to remove airborne allergens from a bedroom or living area.
    – Wants an air purifier which resists bacteria or microbe growth.
    – It does not have a lot of extra floor space in their room.
    – Needs a low energy consumption air purifier to keep the electricity bill low.

  3. How it works

    Simply plug the device into a wall socket and keep it on continuously to help eliminate germs, bacteria and mold. Built-in fan enables better air circulation thus cleaning the surrounding area at a faster speed. Do not use chemical or any replacement cartridge thus cost savings in the long run.

  4. Technical Specifications

    Model : AirVita 300
    UVC Wavelength : 254nm
    Effective Range : Within 300ft² (28m²)
    Dimension : 65 x 155 x 40mm
    Weight : 125g

  5. Recommended Area

    Homes, offices, nursery and restaurant etc.

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