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Getting tired of carrying bulky charcoal grill for camping or other outdoor activities. Our portable BBQ grill is just the ticket. The camping grill's compact size means it's easy to throw into your car trunk and take it anywhere you like. The large grilling rack can accommodate food for tons of people, while the air vents and built-in thermometer allow you to get the exact heat you need. With this versatile gadget, start enjoying a nice and unforgettable BBQ with your family and friends in nature.
  • Must have BBQ grill: this charcoal grill is a compact size and ideal for tabletop use outdoors, it features a large grill pan and is versatile for occasions like partying, camping, picnicking and more, you can fully enjoy the joyful barbecue with your family and friends, elevated design for added safety and stability
  • Premium material: made of sturdy steel construction and an electrophoresis treatment on the wire mesh, this BBQ grill is heat resistant and scratch-resistant, lasting you a long while
  • Better air circulation: the portable grill features a side air vent for better air circulation and a professional thermometer on the top lid for temperature tracking
  • Wooden handle: 3 wooden anti-scald handles are built-in to easily open and move around the camping grill, these wooden handles are much safer than ones, as they deal with heat much better
  • Easy storage and transport: compact size means putting it in your car trunk is a breeze, take it anywhere you would like
  • Great outdoor tabletop charcoal grill for a party, camping, picnic, etc.
  • Made of treated steel frame and premium chrome wire mesh for durable use
  • The lid top has a built-in easy to read thermometer

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