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Key Features

  • Model Number: EK9388
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Plastic inner liner
  • Plastic bag fixer
  • Stay open lock
  • Deodorised compartment
  • Available in 32L

Subtly stylish, EKO’s Regent Step Bin is unique and stands out from the rest of EKO bin range. Black is timeless and suits any interior space. You will be amazed at how beautiful Regent Step Bin will look in your living space. Design inspired from emeralds, Regent Step Bin has lime green trimmings on top of matt black body to emulate the shine of emeralds. Regent Step Bin completes with a large pedal that you can use intuitively in your living space while its durability ensures you can use it for 100,000 times in its lifetime. A major feat in daily used items. Made from high quality stainless steel, Regent Step Bin can endure your daily usage with fingerprint resistant processing. Its hairline finishing makes sure that it will look brand new no matter how long you used it. Regent Step Bin has made a trash bin look so good and so functional that once you own it, you will never go back to those bins you used before.

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