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Large capacity brushed stainless steel kitchen sensor bin:

The EKO Horizon bin is a perfect choice if you have limited space but require maximum waste storage.
Made of high-quality fingerprint-resistant, brushed stainless steel to give a refined finish.
With its motion sensor function, this bin is super hygienic due to its ‘no touch’ open and close function. Should you not wish to use the hands-free option the bin also offers a manual touch function.
Due to having no inner bucket in this bin, it allows a large waste storage capacity of 45L.
There are sleek handles on either side to allow easy moving of the bin.
The lid of the bin is cleverly designed to hide any unsightly bag overspill and the shape of the bin has been kept sleek allowing it to fit flat against walls to save space.

Features include:

• High quality brushed stainless steel with a fingerprint-resistant finish for a refined, sleek look
• Interactive motion sensor for effortless and hygienic hands-free operation
• Dynamic blue light display for simple interface with manual mode
• Option for touch manual opening and stay open, for longer tasks
• Soft-close lid
• Lid designed to hide excess bin liner keeping the bin looking neat and tidy at all times
• No inner bucket to allow full use of the large 45L capacity
• Fingerprint resistant

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