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សាប៊ូទឹកបោកសំលៀកបំពាក់ ក្លិនផ្កាឡាវេនឌ័រ 600 មីលីលីត្រ
洗衣液, 50洗次, 薰衣草味, 600毫升

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one hand works wonders

it may be hard to believe, but this tiny bottle of concentrated laundry detergent can do big things. that’s because the plant-based formula with smartclean technology® seeks out dirt and stains in a revolutionary new way to deliver beautifully clean clothes with just a few squirts. plus, its handy pump makes for easy, one-handed use. no mess. no waste. no aching biceps.

lavender cedar

despite what you might assume, lavender cedar is not a particular variety of bedding for Provençal hamsters. rather, it is a decidedly sophisticated scent suitable for laundering your unmentionables or tidying up your chateau—or your sixth floor walk-up. it’s not fussy.


check out our full disclosure + ingredients list below
ingredient function source
water (aqua) diluent + solvent water
glycerin solvent plant-based
c12-16 pareth-7 surfactant (cleaning agent) plant-based
coco methyl ester sulfonate surfactant (cleaning agent) plant-based
capryleth-4 surfactant (cleaning agent) plant-based
ethanol solvent plant-based
soy methyl ester ethoxylate surfactant (cleaning agent) plant-based
sulfonic acids, c10-18-alkane, sodium salts surfactant (cleaning agent) synthetic
l-lactic acid chelating agent plant-based
monoisopropylanolamine solvent synthetic
protease cleaning enzyme plant-based
decyl glucoside surfactant (cleaning agent) plant-based
agrumex fragrance synthetic
benzyl alcohol fragrance† synthetic
cedrene fragrance synthetic
dihydro myrcenol fragrance synthetic
dipropylene glycol fragrance synthetic
ethylene brassylate fragrance synthetic
hexyl cinnamic aldehyde fragrance† synthetic
ionone beta fragrance synthetic
linalool fragrance† synthetic
linalyl acetate fragrance synthetic
methyl cedryl ketone fragrance synthetic
orange extract fragrance synthetic
patchouli extract fragrance synthetic
terpineol fragrance synthetic
terpinolene fragrance synthetic
tetrahydro linalool fragrance synthetic
triethyl citrate fragrance synthetic
d-limonene fragrance† synthetic
amylase cleaning enzyme plant-based
mannanase cleaning enzyme plant-based
lauryl glucoside surfactant (cleaning agent) plant-based
carboxymethylinulin soil dispersant plant-based
propanediol solvent plant-based
methyl isobutyl glycerol formal solvent plant-based
protease cleaning enzyme plant-based
polyester soil dispersant synthetic
disodium distyrylbiphenyl disulfonate optical brightener synthetic
cellulase cleaning enzyme plant-based
1,4-dioxane nonfunctional ingredient not available
ethylene oxide nonfunctional ingredient not available

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